Meet the Team: Mack

Age: 7 years old

Breed: Blue Nose Pit Bull

Likes: Tennis Balls, the Raiders and the Bosses trash can

Dislikes: Baths and Vegetables

Talents: Obeying sit and stay for treats. Gently taking meat directly out of your mouth.

Fun Facts about Mack:

  • He can jump from the ground up to 6-feet.
  • His head is so strong, he has put it through the dry wall at home, while playing in the house.
  • If he’s holding onto a rope, you can lift him off the ground.
  • He can destroy golf balls and bones alike.

General About Mack:

Mack was adopted by James & Meghan Berry when he was 4 months old. Found in Mission Viejo; malnourished, and scared they spent the next 2 weeks, every morning and evening at the shelter to get him to trust them during the adoption process. Now Mack loves his morning mile walk to the office. And he especially loves roaming around the office getting treats and butt scratches. Mack enjoys the dog park and laying out in the sun. He has a little sister name Khali, who is a French bulldog and they play tug of war for hours. (Meaning Mack pulls her around the house while she just holds onto the rope) Mack is the best office dog we could ever ask for!