Hiring The Right People Determines The Long-Term Success Of Your Company.

Top talent is hard to find and even harder to motivate. At South Bay Search, we provide value by ensuring you hire the best candidate, not just the best readily available candidate. Our professional and effective service allows you and your executives to concentrate on daily business production. Our approach sets us apart by blending partnership and a simple, yet highly focused strategy. Executive search is most successful when these key ingredients converge: A consultative relationship exists with our client, which includes candidate feedback at every juncture; extensive research; and access to top quality candidates at all levels. Our reputation in the industry, coupled with our ever-growing database of contacts, has allowed us to build a network of contacts based on referrals and personal experience. This has given us a candidate pool rich with top performers from all areas of the insurance industry. Ethics, professionalism and long-standing relationships have been the foundation on which South Bay Search has been built. Our partnerships with our clients are based on mutual respect, trust, integrity, and credibility. We never compromise on providing quality service and we stand behind our work. We look forward to building a mutually rewarding business partnership with you!