Team Building Retreats

Making memories on Team Retreats-Is Team Building an important part of a successful workplace?

This is a question we ask ourselves as we strive to create a productive environment where our team feels like they can trust and rely on each other in the workplace. Regardless of locations and events taking place, the most important part is to allow the team to have fun together and become closer. This is so the connection can carry into the high-stress workdays.

Factoring in the time and money that is involved in planning and executing a team-building retreat, it is an investment into the business. We can hope that it will have a positive impact and generate a return in strengthening teamwork and office morale. How do we know that our team will respond positively? We don’t. Even when a team program ends up being fun and motivational, our worry as a leader is that a few might not engage in it. However, there are multiple factors to making a team-building retreat meaningful and impactful.

  • Get feedback from the team on mutual interests and events that get them excited for the time together
  • Decide what the most impactful issue to address is (such as trust, teamwork, accountability, creativity, initiative, independence, communication, etc.) and plan events accordingly
  • Get excited, as a Leader you must put as much of yourself into it as you would expect your team to
  • Check in, make sure that everyone is comfortable and ask for feedback to make corrections in the moment

The problem a lot of organizations have with team building is that they engage in an activity without understanding what they want to accomplish. Keeping a goal in mind without forcing the team into it creates the positive impact you want. Keeping things fun and creating memories is what drives our team at South Bay Search into creating closer relationships and trust. We have found that even months after a retreat, the team is still glowing and willing to go the extra mile for each other. A good program will challenge a team while ensuring that everyone will be successful as they work together.

An authentic experience will draw everyone in, so they’re truly engaged. Learning happens when we’re engaged in active participation – staying on the sidelines won’t accomplish your goal. Make sure the program you choose enables you and your colleagues to drive the experience. We were able to spend some time in Tahoe, CA this year. While horseback riding, golfing, seeing concerts, and boat rides, we created memories to last a lifetime and created genuine connections that strengthened our company as a team. It has become a tradition and South Bay Search wouldn’t be what it is without the healthy and respectful work environment that team building creates!