Why Should You Hire South Bay Search?

Our Evaluation is of greater benefit to you than a resume. 1) We are in the business of evaluating people and their titles. We are as proficient at identifying and evaluating talent as your people are at producing business. 2) In the 20 years we have been recruiting and evaluating candidates, we have learned many things, however one of the many is: A RESUME IS A TYPEWRITTEN COMMERCIAL DESIGNED TO SHOW YOU WHAT THE CANDIDATE WANTS YOU TO SEE. The candidates we represent are not actively seeking jobs. They have been “recruited” for their high performance. This means they have not taken aggressive measures to market themselves.

Why Is South Bay Search Unique?

We are not candidate driven, we are client driven. We are not in the business of finding people jobs. We are in the business of recruiting the strongest professionals for our clients. We are recruiters, not ad placers. Running ads attract lookers, not talent. We educate ourselves in the latest and greatest advancements in the insurance industry. Our reference checks are thorough. We consider it our job to protect your corporate interests.

Our Company Does Not Want to Pay a Fee

If there is a way to avoid paying a fee without sacrificing quality, DO IT! However, typically people who are actively looking in want ads are either unemployed or need to leave their current company. People are usually unemployed because they were fired, laid off or quit. Getting fired is usually a result of poor performance, attitude problem, personality conflict, integrity issues, and lack of learning or retention skills. What negatives are so intense to cause a professional to quit before finding something first? What skills does someone pick up in a negative environment? What problems will you inherit?

Fee Agreements?

We could charge less, however which part of our expertise would we not offer? We feel it is better to invest in quality once than to pay for shortcomings and continual replacements. We are not a resume house. We do more than put a stamp on a resume and charge a fee. We are locators, evaluators of high-performance professionals. We hand select professionals who will do the job effectively and help motivate them to join your company.

Why don’t we use agencies?

Studies have proven that there is a direct correlation between candidates answering ads and lower level skills. High performance individuals are usually buried in excellence and are not actively looking. However, most ambitious ones will keep their ears open to strong opportunities. These are the individuals we find and bring to you for consideration.